Calorie Ice Cream

Ice is my favorite Italian food so much, according to a survey commissioned (Department of Italian ice cream), as 95% of the population say, not only between the lovers of this food, 39% said they eat often, sometimes 37%, while only 19% when given only rarely.
Fresh, delicious ice cream and delicious flavors desire to see the millions daily. Among these, there is a number of special attention to their fear of the line a fine line between hate crime crossing. However, how many calories have ice, what is the best way not to give up this pleasure without any distortion of the shadow?
Nutritional properties of ice
The main ingredients of ice cream and fresh milk, sugar and eggs and add special ingredients and flavors (chocolate, cappuccino, strawberry, etc.) only calorie ice is responsible for the feeding of the multitude of different types of ice. Some cream (sorbet ice and fruit in general) have a low calorie, other, such as those prepared in cream, chocolate and almonds are more than 300 kilocalories per 100 grams contain.

Ice cream has more fat, at least in broad terms the cream. Since each gram of fat 9 calories (more than twice as offering sugar and proteins), ice cream, too rich in calories.
The situation not only in terms of energy, so strong was added in the production of vegetable oils and fats. These elements, particularly when used to the taste of the industry, are usually poor quality. Besides improving the flavor of the product, margarine, vegetable fats, the creaminess of the ice “resistance” against high temperatures.
Cream, vegetable oils and fats contain the same amount of calories, but are much less in terms of taste and health. Save a coconut instead of oil, rich in medium chain fatty acids, nutrition and health, so it is worth the butter.
As one of the most important ingredients of milk, ice cream is very rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and some B vitamins (especially B1 and B2). If the ice of the industry uses mainly low-fat milk, a slight decrease in the levels of vitamins (especially vitamin A).
If the elements of the ice are nuts increases the fat content and quality of food. Fat from these elements are, in fact a good quality single-and polyunsaturated fatty acids (good fats in moderation, if instead of animal fats, can help control cholesterol.)
In drowning, adding even more calories by increasing superalcoloci ice.
Industry Vs Artisan
Ice is the preparation of food flow, solid, and through the mixer until the ingredients to mix the moratorium. During the freeze, thanks to the continuous mixing process are an integrated air soft ice. The main difference that separates ice extent in the industry, is the largest air supply. To quantify this feature, the concept of change is introduced, whereby the proportion of the mixture is cold. For ice, more than 40-60%, while the industry is around 100-130%.
The ice itself is the main use of fresh ingredients, carefully mixed by the artist through his creativity. With fresh ingredients increases the resistance to selling a product, within a few days if its production is consumed.
Ice fans should still be aware that tools are not always synonymous with quality. No one forbids the use of ice, for example, vegetable oils, flavorings and additives, or replaced by fresh fruit juices or freeze-dried.
Calorie Ice Cream
Click on the different types of ice can be known, in addition to calories, but the proportion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. For fans of the line, a simple method of calculation of a few seconds to burn the gauge “the calories from food.
What should a member of the ICE-line health?
To assess the quality of the ice and the calories it contains, is very important to read carefully the nutrition labeling. For homemade ice cream, to better specify the list of well-exposed components. If not, since the legal obligation, you can place it on ice.
The perfect ice:
A) should be the number of calories.
B) one of its components, does not like or margarine (vegetable fat and hydrogen-Look)
C) if it “contains vegetable oil,” without specifying the type, should carefully evaluate the product.
D) does not contain fragrances and ice, colors, emulsifiers and thickeners in the title are marked with all of its code. Excessive sweetness, flavor intense color goes to all the signs of a possible presence of additives.
E) In the case of industrial ice cream, in addition to think carefully about the calories and ingredients on the package. If the card is damaged, most likely through changes in temperature and ice.

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