Natural Aphrodisiacs For Sexual Desire

In general, we talked about the drink to these materials with an emphasis on their morale and efficiency. We have therefore, concluded that a “what’s up” with medicines, homeopathic preparations, food ingredients to work at aphrodisiacs, especially if consumers believe  their efficacy (placebo effect).
If all of these factors is missing a piece of psychological origin, produced by the alleged magic potion necessarily lose their effectiveness. Yes, if we think about it, and even sexual desire is deep with the physiological factors.
Herbal remedies recommended are numerous in the presence of low sexual desire. Some are based on herbs, is rich in materials from the pain of the assets that are not entirely clear, but perhaps a great aphrodisiac. Others come from folk tradition, always careful to consider the virtues of the herbal stimulant plant.

Pausinystalia Yohimbe is a tree growing in West Africa (Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon). This bark is a powerful alkaloid called yohimbine won. Potion NaturaliTale material well before the introduction of Viagra (that cannot be used as sexual arousal) is used to treat erectile dysfunction.
Yohimbine can expand the blood vessels and increases the introduction of the penis, blood flow, and as a result, the scope and pulled hard (-2 receptor inhibitors, which stimulate the contraction of smooth muscle cells). This material is also known that the alleged phenomena associated with weight loss adrenergic system stimulation (increased secretion of catecholamines).
Since the side effects of the drug are banned in some countries, this can actually alkaloid headaches, insomnia and hypertension.
Dosage: 5-6 mg taken three times daily for eight weeks. When it comes to swallowing plants still depends on the product can be more or less concentrated and purified.
Muira Pauma
Muira Pauma is a small tree grows wild about the Amazon in Brazil. Roots produced alkaloid race interesting possibility, again to cure sexual dysfunction in men and women alike. These substances stimulate the peripheral vasodilatation effect by increased production of nitric oxide.
Research into the possible effects of this plant has shown that high doses of Muira Puama the coordination of movements because of muscle mass through the inhibition of cholinesterase (an enzyme that acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter acetylcholine-extract).
Ginkgo Bilbao
Ginkgo Bilbao is a typical plant of the Chinese folk medicine but also known  in Western countries.
Characteristics to be the content terpenlattoni drink Ginkgo Flavone glycosides in the context. Two types of materials named are not really very comforting, useful functions in the regulation of blood. Vasodilator actions are not only used to enhance sexual pleasure, but also influence adjuvant treatment of Alzheimer’s.
Extracts of ginkgo should not be used in combination with drugs such as heparin products platelet inhibitors aspirin and stomach acid to increase as guarantee garlic.
Aphrodisiacs the Maca root, Peruvian ginseng, are used in their energetic properties, aphrodisiac and tonic. Rich in vitamins and phytohormones Maca extracts may naturally increase testosterone levels (which is to derive potion effects), sexual desire and sperm production.
There are also some studies, the aphrodisiac effect of Maca preparations. In addition, there are others who, as often happens, a permanent deprivation of the benefits pointed out the lack of obvious. According to these studies, extracts of maca are to hold no promise, and a significant increase in sexual desire and hormone levels.
Damiana plant is originally from Mexico and southern United States. Extracts of this plant were widely used as an aphrodisiac for men and women helpful of Mexico.
Unfortunately, in this case there is no clear scientific data on the properties of the plant. A study shows that certain materials Damiana progesterone could be similar effects that may have to regulate the menstrual cycle and increased libido in women.
L-Arginine is an amino acid that regulates many body functions. Between all of these functions is also available in arginine synthesis of nitric oxide, a substance that causes vasodilation of blood pressure by increasing the blood circulation in the tissues are involved. This effect can contribute somehow to the increased desire for sexual performance, by increasing blood flow to the genitals.
Tribulus terrestris
Tribulus terrestris is an herb for centuries in traditional Chinese’s medicine uses and Indiana. Various studies attribute this remarkable plant as a male and female fertility potion hormone increase to compensate for any deficiencies. Of course, missing in this case study to prove the contrary (see: Tribulus terrestris)
Currently, more than three different plants (Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia, FO-Ti or Polygonum multiflorum; Epimedii or Epidmedium Sagittatum), but consider this, end with a brief reflection.
If lack of desire, it is important that you will have a medical expert who tries to consult the problem through cooperation with other key people to a psychologist and solve female plants.
Finally, we emphasize the importance of exercise and healthy diet. Exciting joy, maybe with others about the aesthetic and functional improvement of the body in order to ensure the security and self-esteem, while improving sexual pleasure.

SOURCE : Natural Aphrodisiacs For Sexual Desire
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