Top 10 Ways to Prevent Toe Nail Fungus

10 Critical Toe Nail Fungus Prevention Methods

1. You must keep your feet clean and dry- It's very important that you keep your feet as dry and as clean as you can. Toe nail fungus thrives in moist dark environments. Bathe and dry your feet thoroughly every time you shower, especially between your toes.

If you have any sign of athletes foot, treat it immediately with the medicine of your choice. Do not let this go. Fungus breeds fungus. Avoid going barefoot in public places. If you use a gym shower or public pool shower, always use flip flops in these locations.
2. Let your feet breathe - Do everything to keep your feet dry. Avoid shoes that are too tight. Consider going barefoot when you can and wear sandals or flip flops if possible. Expose your feet to the open air, the more the better.
3. Change your shoes - When nail fungus is present or after you have had a successful treatment, the nail fungus spores are still present. Wash your shoes in a solution of detergent with bleach (if possible) and very hot water. Place the shoes that you wear frequently in the hot sun on days that this is possible, use of hair dryer on the hottest setting and rotate your shoes often.
Change your insoles once a month. Never wear someone else's shoes.
4. Change socks - There are socks available now with fungal resistant fabric, buy them. Throw away all of your old socks. Even when washed, some fungus spores can remain. Avoid synthetic type material.
5. Don't share nail clippers - Never share nail clippers with anyone! This is a very easy way to spread the nail fungus. It is always a good practice to soak nail clippers and files in an antiseptic. Even nail salons must abide by the practice.
6. Protect your cuticles - Soak your cuticles in warm water and gently push them back with a Q-tip or emery board to expose the nail. Use petroleum jelly to keep the skin moist.
If you get a hang-nail, clip, don't pull it off. If you do you will be exposing the nail bed to possible infection. Don't bite your nails.
7. Wear gloves when gardening or washing dishes- Protecting your nails is the first line of defense against infection.
8. Go natural-avoid nail polish - A common culprit of reoccurring nail fungus is "nail polish". Nail polish does not allow the nail to breathe. This is the first line of defense against nail infections.... "oxygen".
Don't use artificial nails. If you must use nail polish, go for the lighter colors.
9. Trim your nails properly - Trim your nails horizontally, keeping then short but not too short. Avoid clipping your nails along the sides.
10. Get some sun - Sun for your skin is healthy. We forget this. Not only is the vitamin D healthy but the warm rays of the sun help dry up damp areas.

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