Why Diets Don't Work: Avoiding the Yo-Yo Cycle

The word "diet" in itself may sound hugely depressing to most of us. The moment we start thinking about dieting, we visualize images of quiet sitting in a party, while others are enjoying all kinds of foods served on the table. Some even go to the extent of avoiding social company to curb their urge for outside food. At the end of the day, sacrificing delicious foods can be a nerve racking experience for majority of us. Needless to say, when we halt our social activities, we end up feeling lonely and deprived in life. In most cases, individuals fail to pursue this lifestyle for too long, and they end up feeding their body with all kinds of junk to regain the lost happiness in their lives, thereby destroying their fitness plans.

Most diets encourage us to stay away from foods that we would really want to eat. In most cases, we are advised to consume foods that we dislike and are not satisfying enough to please our appetite. Despite this, determined individuals stick to the harsh diet until they achieve their goals. However, this is just for the sake of a particular goal and has nothing to do with healthy living.

Today, several studies have established the dangers of such yo-yo diet cycle. Yo-yo diet cycle means repeated weight loss and weight gain, due to excessive dieting by an individual. This cycle usually takes place in the lives of most individuals out there who plan to follow a strict diet regime for a particular period of time. When these individuals achieve their weight loss goals, they switch to their earlier faulty diet plan, thereby gaining all the shed body weight. Such pattern (yo-yo cycle) can be really stressful on one’s body, considering the fact that our body has to constantly adjust to the drastic changes time and again. So, how do you go about avoiding the yo-yo cycle, which has been tormenting most of us? Yo-yo cycle can be avoided if you pay heed to the below mentioned pointers in your life. Take a look below:

First and foremost, you need to stop falling prey to fads that offer overnight or rapid results. You need to realize that these are mainly advertising gimmicks planted in place to rob you off your hard earned money. On the other hand, if you resort to natural measures such as brisk walking, swimming, cycling and weight training exercises, you will be able to avoid the disappointment associated with failure as these activities can help you burn loads of calories, thereby promoting weight loss.

You should also start with a long term view in mind. Your best bet over here would be to start off with a food journal. Remember, you should always eat in moderation and avoid having heavy meals. Besides this, one should train at least 4-5 times in a week for about half an hour. You should maximize the intake of fiber rich foods in your diet and have a tailored made diet plan that you can follow for long. Bring about healthy changes in your diet in order to avoid boredom and to stay glued to your diet plan. Also, you should never consider skipping your breakfast as it can slow down your body metabolism. Slow metabolism implies that you will lose fat slowly from your body.

Remember, keeping your body weight under check is not all about dieting, starving or relying on the latest crash diet course, it’s about bringing a positive change in your eating habits for a lifetime. Unless you incorporate lifelong healthy eating habits, you will fall prey to the "yo-yo" cycle sooner or later in your life!

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