Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol is from the lipid or fat family. The primary source of cholesterol is animal meat. The intake of cholesterol is managed by the liver, which forms lipoprotein with the help of protein and cholesterol, and sends it to the blood stream where they behave as transportation molecules.
The higher amount of cholesterol can take you to dangerous diseases. Change in lifestyle and food habits are some of the major reasons behind it.
Following are some of the consequences of higher cholesterol in your body:

  • Due to the excess accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries, the blood flow is interrupted and results in improper blood supply. It may also take you to other cardiovascular diseases.
  • The heart is mostly affected with higher cholesterol. Extreme cases may result in heart attacks and other heart diseases.
  • Blood coagulation and blood clots are most common problems.
  • It may also result in strokes, confusions, etc. as a result of improper blood supply in the brain.
Check out the cholesterol level chart and if you observe higher cholesterol level in your body then it’s time to get serious. So, here I am going to give you some advice on how to lower cholesterol quickly and safely. Following points can help you to get rid of cholesterol from your body.
  • Exercise: As we all know, exercise is the best thing to do. It will help you to get rid of many diseases. Any type of exercise whether it’s jogging or a proper routine, it will help you to lower your cholesterol level. Perform a 30 minutes exercise daily.
  • Food Habit: Food habit affects our health a lot and if you are wondering how to lower cholesterol through diet, then it’s better to switch to a healthy diet. Although you might relish fast or junk food, they are not good for health and can only build up lot of cholesterol content in your body. You can also refer to high cholesterol food to avoid list to know the foods to stay away from.
  • Avoid Saturated Fat: As we have discussed about the type of cholesterol, you just need to avoid the saturated fat totally. Concentrate on low cholesterol food.
  • Fibrous Food: Include fibrous food in your diet like vegetables, fruits, wheat beans, oats and barley.
  • Fish: If you are a lover of non vegetarian food, then fish is the best option for you. Fish have some fatty acids which help in reducing cholesterol level in your body.
  • Stop Smoking and Drinking: Smoking and drinking are very injurious to health. You should avoid it, as it hinders the body functioning and results in the increased level of cholesterol content.
  • Garlic: Garlic is known for its medicinal values form centuries. It has being researched that intake of garlic helps in getting rid of cholesterol. It also helps in improving blood circulation. Here I hope your query on how to lower cholesterol naturally is solved.
  • Sterols and Stanols: These are the newly reached plants, which are helpful in reducing cholesterol content. Nowadays, they have been introduced in many health products.
  • Medication: There are some medications available in the market which is very useful in reducing cholesterol. It is recommended to consult a physician before taking such drugs.
Hope the above article on how to lower cholesterol would have helped you to cut down your fat. So, keep the above suggestion in mind, concentrate on low cholesterol diet and start taking care of your cholesterol levels.

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