Using herbal remedies

Home Remedies For Better Health

Herbs that are used for medicinal purposes come in a variety of forms. Active parts of a plant may include leaves, flowers, stems, roots, seeds, and berries. They may be taken internally as pills or powders, dissolved into tinctures or syrups, or brewed in teas and decoctions.

Herbal Remedies Are From Then Until Now
By Rose Windale

More and more people are now acknowledging and using herbal remedies. They are quite becoming popular owing the their efficacy which many have proven. Herbal remedies, as the name implies is making use of herbs for treatment of an ailment, disease or condition. For centuries, they were the curative and treatment measures which societies have relied upon. They worked then, and so why not now? But conventional forms of treatment have overshadowed herbal remedies. The use of pharmaceutical drugs has become mainstream and people regard them to be the ultimate answer. But what is popular doesn't have to always be right.

Home Remedies For Better Health

Conventional treatments do work in themselves and they can be effective, too. But such modes have drawbacks- they have side effects - and at times they can be debilitating. There are cases wherein a disease or condition may be treated, but there is an offshoot of another one. This does not at all serve the true purpose of a treatment. Treatment ought to lead to alleviation or elimination of a disease or condition, not the production of another one or an aggravation of it. And so here comes a divergent option for treatment other than pharmaceutical drugs - herbal remedies. Herbal remedies fall under the scope of alternative methods of treatment.

Alternative medicine is oftentimes more inclined towards natural healing- natural modes of treatment. They are means which work in conjunction with the body's natural processes. Among these natural means is the use of herbs to promote better health. Herbs have been used over the centuries for cooking. So why can't they be safe and effective as medicines? To this day, herbal remedies are gaining a wide acceptance. As such, many manufacturers have produced different forms of them and made them available in the market. That's why they are not so elusive as they were during the height of the popularity of conventional treatments.

One third of all patients use herb remedies for some of their conditions and diseases. But often, they don't tell their doctors about it. It could be out of forgetfulness, or they may think it's not necessary. Or perhaps they are ashamed of telling their doctors. They may even think that their doctor would disapprove of such manner of treatment. But some doctors have regard for herbal remedies. They may approve of their patients using them, or they may even use them themselves. Getting hold of such treatment measures can be had through the countless products containing herbs and natural ingredients.

But how can one be assured that they are getting the right ones- good quality and authentic herbal products? It takes being cautious- getting from a credible and reputable source. It also takes research of which of the herbs would be most appropriate for one's condition. One can go to the library for research, or read some alternative medicine journals, or even go online. Better yet, they could ask for the opinion of a qualified herbalist. An expert herbalist is one who has the better authority and knowledge on such matters. With the proper guidance, information and awareness, one can get the best benefits out of herbal remedies.

The author of this article Rose Windale is a Health and Wellness Coach who has been successful with several natural health programs for many years. Rose decided to share her knowledge and tips through her website You can sign up for her free newsletter and enjoy a healthy and happy life.
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