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In today's world consumption of food having high calories has increased because of the busy lifestyle of humans. They are in a hurry to go to workplace, and they will have to consume baked foods and snack, which have high calorific values. It is very difficult to find a healthy diet in this fast world. All food items like meat and vegetables are equally fried and covered with slat. All these have high calorific value and increase blood pressure and cause various diseases. There was no measure for banning the fast food culture and the thing is affecting every one like a chain.

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So if you want to have a better health and life you should change to healthy cook recipes. Otherwise you will get affected by the diseases of obesity. Here are some healthy cook recipes that you can try at home.

Grilled broccoli
To prepare this you will have to mix pepper, salt, lemon juice and oil together. It is to be placed in the grill after thirty minutes of mixing the recipients. Use cooking spray to brush the grill. Now you can place it on a plastic bag and pour some cheese and shake them well. Make sure that it is covered with cheese completely. Place it on the grill with medium heat. After some time, the healthy cook recipes will be ready.

Chicken fry in Thai style
Chicken is the best meat that contains fewer amounts of fat. Although it contains some amount of fat, by taking specific areas of the meat you can avoid that fat content. You can select thigh part because of less fat content. Place the pan and heat it to some minutes. When the pan is heated, pour oil it to it. After that, add the components one by one into the pan. Add ginger, garlic and chicken. Then stir the components. After the chicken gets well cooked to add onion and ginger, green and red pepper, and sugar if required. Keep the healthy cook recipes until it is completely cooked. You can use it with adding oyster sauce and peanuts. Before eating, mix the components well.

Adding beans of all types are not good. Some of the beans will have large protein content such that it can be dangerous to diet. So that should be avoided in daily consumption. Thus by preparing meat in the above manner, your diet will change completely safe. You can eat it without any worries. Dieting alone will not make the difference. So you should make control of the diets to reduce the fat content and have healthy cook recipes.

The main factors which make the food items unhealthy to consume are the fryers. Frying food materials with oil will make the natural vitamins to get lost and make it harmful to the body. Instead of frying, you can make use of grilled mat items so that grilling can retain all the natural features of the meat and will not add anything harmful to the body. So it’s better to avoid fried meat and snacks. 

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