Perform better with Beet Root Juice

As we welcome another year, I am sure many have already made their “to-do” list for 2011.  Some may have made a stronger promise to be more physically fit and engage in regular exercise more.
As health buffs give themselves at least three months to shape up their bodies for this summer’s beach happenings, many will try to have as much time for exercise as they could. But sometimes, much as they would want to extend time spent doing exercises, there are just limiting factors that get in their way and keep them from being physically active for longer periods of time.
There are those whose blood pressures are just not as cooperative, making them limit the number of hours they can spend for exercise. Some cannot tolerate longer periods of exercise as their lungs seem unable to support the demands of prolonged strenuous activities. Thanks to science, these dilemmas for some health enthusiasts may soon have a solution. Very recently, scientists have looked into a food supplement made from beet root juice that enables prolonged time-to-exhaustion. Before getting to know about the supplement, let me bring back to you some facts about beets.

The beet is a vegetable known to be a powerhouse of flavor and nutrients. Aside from being a rich source of Folate (for normal blood formation) and Manganese (for bone formation and energy metabolism), it brings to the body Potassium, Fiber, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Iron. Over and above having those vitamins and minerals, it is also abundant in a group of phytonutrients called betalains which manifested antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying abilities. In beets, these betalains are mostly concentrated in the peel and flesh. Not only are beets known for their betalains but also for its two famous carotenoid contents Lutein and Zeaxanthin which are known to support eye health.
Now, more than just providing for eye health, scientists uncover another exciting health benefit from beets, specifically from its roots. Sports scientists studied the nitrate content of beet root juice and its effect on people who are into physical activities.
In the research, the vegetable juice’s nitrate content was thought to reduce oxygen uptake, making exercise less tiring. The results of the studies were very promising showing that six days of beet root juice supplementation enhanced the individual’s performance and heart function during physical exertion.
Those who took the beet root juice had reduced oxygen requirement and lower blood pressure than those who did not take the beet root juice. With such positive effects, the participants who were engaged in moderate and even intense running took longer time to feel exhaustion.
Beet root juice truly sounds very promising in delivering health benefits to those who are into sports these days. In the presence of performance-enhancing foods like beet root juice, there should be less reasons why one shouldn’t give so much effort when indulging into frequent physical exercise.
While much is being promised by beet root juice, do not disregard all other vitamin and mineral goodness from beets. To help you keep those other nutrients intact, you can also steam beets for just less than 15 minutes or roast for less than one hour.

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