Exercise will always do your body good but when you’re on a low calorie diet you might not have the energy for very much activity and if you over do it you could end up feeling faint. While moving your body can and will accelerate your weight loss you should definitely be cautious about your activity to caloric intake ratio.

A great thing to do while on a detox diet is sweat. Sweating out the toxins is a great idea. Saunas and turning up the heat will help your body detox. When you’re doing something like the Sacred Heart detox consider hot baths and showers as well as a sauna.
In terms of exercise, light exercise like walking, yoga and pilates are a good idea as well as using a rebounder. These can help you with sculpting and shaping as well as calorie burning and increasing your metabolism. Be sure you are well hydrated during any detox and especially during physical fitness. Always check with your doctor about a detox, diet or exercise if you have health problems.