Finding Relief For Outdoor Allergies

People suffering from acute allergies often complain about the discomfort that allergic reactions cause them. With today's medical innovations, however, relief from indoor and outdoor allergies is possible through medications such as anti-histamines, anti-allergies and nasal sprays. However, caution must still be exercised when choosing the right medication for allergies. It is best to get medical advice before taking any medication, because some people may also suffer from side effects caused by these medications.

Outdoor allergens

The most common allergens are found in the air, such as pollen and molds. Pollen comes from trees, ragweeds and grass. Molds usually come from leaves on the ground as well as rotting wood. Mold build up is often found in damp areas. The body reacts to these allergens by secreting leukotriens and histamines which create the allergic symptoms such as eye itching, nasal drips, hives, stomach upset, and throat irritation.

Common Medications For Outdoor Allergies

Most prescribed medications contain anti-histamines which block the formation and dispersal of histamines in the blood. This may be in the form of pills, syrup, or nasal sprays. These medications should be taken under doctor's prescribed orders. Overmedication may result to severe side effects such as blurred vision, ear infection, headaches, respiratory infections and sore throats. If you experience any of these symptoms consult your doctor right away. There may be other medications that he can prescribe to you which will not have the same side effects.

You can also find allergy relief with allergy shots. Your family doctor can best recommend a specialist to administer some tests to find the cause of your allergy. It is usually a skin test or a blood test that will determine the cause of your allergy. After which, the doctor can give you allergy shots to prevent that are often administered over a certain period of time.

Preventing Outdoor Allergies

There are some tips that you can do to help you find relief from outdoor allergies. Closing the windows and using air conditioner keeps the pollen away from your environment. Taking a shower before sleeping can remove pollens on your skin, giving you a more sound sleep.

Be informed about the level of pollen concentration in your area. This information is available over the Internet through weather information provider websites. Doing so will help you avoid places that can trigger an allergic reaction. If exposure can not be avoided, protect yourself by wearing clothes that cover your extremities, wearing a face mask and eyeglasses to protect your eyes.

When planning a vacation, you can also find out if the place is safe for you, by checking the level of pollen in that area before you go. Pollen is bad in the morning so it is better to avoid activities in the morning and start your day preferably in the afternoon.

Always make sure to bring your medications, wherever you are, in case you start experiencing allergy symptoms. It is better to take it as a precaution especially during the time of the year when you know you experience allergies the most.

The best way to help you find allergy relief is staying on top of your condition. Make sure you have your medications ready. Learn more about your condition over the Internet to know what to avoid. Check with your family doctor about new discoveries regarding allergies, and consult with your doctor immediately if you start having severe allergy symptoms.

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