Mediterranean Diet Foods

Mediterranean diet foods are healthy because they are all natural. You can lose weight by eating them in moderation. They are healthy for your body, your heart, lowering your cholesterol and reducing the signs of aging.

When you are following the traditional Mediterranean diet your body will absorb all the natural and healthy nutrition that it needs daily, helping you to lose or maintain your weight and health. You will eat vegetables and fruit that have fiber, needed in your daily diet.

Most Mediterranean lifestyles are very simple, and lived at a slow pace of life. This helps with the idea of taking the time to cut and chop your meals instead of using a can opener for most of your meals. Sticking with fresh and natural foods. Cutting out canned and processed foods will help you become healthier faster. The additives in canned and processed foods are hard on your body. Even though they are quick and easy they will not give you the good nutrition that fresh fruit and vegetables will give you.

Olive oil is the main part of the Mediterranean diet, it is healthy in many ways. Other oils when used all the time can clog your arteries. Olive oil helps reduce cholesterol and will not clog your arteries. Changing your oil intake over to olive oil will help prevent a heart attack, stroke, many diseases, and cancer.

Eating healthy foods that are rich in minerals, essential acids, proteins, nutrition, and vitamins is how we should have always been eating. Having healthy foods in our daily diet is necessary for our bodies to stay healthy and fit.

White meats are more common in Mediterranean eating and they are healthier. Red meats does have healthy values in it. However a lot of red meat consumed each week can end up hurting you. Sticking to freshly prepared fish and chicken is a better eating choice for your health.

However, we still want to eat in moderation.

Many people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That is true. One should never skip breakfast. Breakfast should be a prepared and healthy meal. Start it off with dairy and whole grains; then a very lean piece of meat such as ham. End your meal with a small piece of cheese or fruit. Be sure to to drink a large glass of water during your meal. There is not a better breakfast to start your day and fill you up with out filling you with fat and calories.

Mediterranean diet foods are mostly fruit and vegetables, beans, potatoes, fish and cereals that are high in fiber; and olive oil - the "Mediterranean gold". You want to make sure that you are taking in the correct amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet. You can also add nuts that are rich in fatty acids, and berries high in antioxidants. When you include all of this into your daily diet you will feel better, healthier and more fit.

Irena Ratkovic Malbasa teaches about the healthy Mediterranean diet and the dangers of obesity at Learn more about Mediterranean diet foods by visiting her Web site.

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