Techniques of Hook Bowling Ball

The difference between the scores of an amateur bowler and a pro is usually the hooking. This is because a player who hooks wrongly throws the ball wrongly and therefore they do not manage to down all the pins. There are a number of hooking techniques that are advised but the best way to perfect hooking a bowling ball is by constant practice. The bowling pros do not use their thumbs much when it comes to hooking. There are balls that are customized for fingertips while others have finger slots that can fit the whole length of the fingers.

The first way to hook a bowling ball is by inserting your fingers up to the second knuckle and ensuring that the thumb goes in last up to the first knuckle. This way of hooking is ideal for a strong throw and it is mainly used in the first rounds of tenpin bowling. Once the knuckles are in up to that depth, you have to use more strength to release the ball and therefore the ball holds onto the course that it is released up to the end of the rails. With this technique, you release the ball by letting go of the thumbhole first so that you get enough time to release the other fingers. You should be careful not to break your fingers when they are inserted that deep into the ball.
The other winning technique of hook bowling ball does not need the thumb. You are required to insert the other four fingers into the ball up to the first knuckle. This does not require much strength and it is ideal when you want to throw a spinning ball. This is because the upper knuckles do not have enough strength. After inserting the fingers up to that length, you roll the ball up and hold it with the knuckles folding towards the palm in a way that the palm supports the weight of the ball. The palm exerts the pressure of the bowling for the thrust.

You can twist the palm to any direction if you want to spin the ball. Since the palm is flexible, you can easily determine the direction that the ball will roll to by switching the angle of throw. To ensure that you have a good grip of the ball when you hook the ball using this technique, you can adjust the ball to fit into the fingers with the other hand by holding the upper side of the ball with the other hand. This also ensures that you control your body movement and focus on the shot.

Using the two techniques above, you can throw the ball even without running. This is because the hooking styles give you enough grips and amass enough strength to throw the ball to the end of the rail. The controlled body movement allows for a long swing of the hand that holds the ball and the releasing action adds strength to the ball accelerating the speed.

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