Hypoallergenic Skincare Products - What You Need to Know to Select the Right One For You

Many people experience different forms of skin allergies that range from simple skin redness or appearance of a few rashes to severe ones like having hives, sores or eczema. There may be different hypoallergenic skincare products available in the market today but the question is, are these hypoallergenic products really effective in preventing outbreaks of allergies whether simple or otherwise?When people read the word hypoallergenic, what comes to mind is that the product is safe to use and it will not cause any allergic reactions on the skin.

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Unfortunately for you, this isn't exactly true since hypoallergenic does not necessarily mean zero allergic reaction for the users but rather it just means that it may cause less allergic reaction compared to a similar product that is not dubbed as hypoallergenic.

The problem with the term hypoallergenic is that there isn't actually any strict rule implemented with regard to calling lotions, make ups, moisturizers, soaps or creams as hypoallergenic skincare products. Manufacturers can actually loosely label their products as such so if you look at it, the term hypoallergenic is reduced to being a marketing or advertising term rather than a scientific or health term.

Many hypoallergenic skincare products are called as such because manufacturers claim that only natural ingredients are used in making them and chemicals or synthetic substances are totally avoided. However, it must be noted that even natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions to some individuals like almond oil or shea butter especially to those who have really sensitive skin.

Being natural does not guarantee being safe from allergic reactions. If it were the case then why are there people who are allergic to some nuts or why are there people who get rashes when they eat sea foods or chicken when all of these are natural anyway.

Another reason why some manufacturers call their products as hypoallergenic is because they do not contain chemical preservatives like paraben. Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in different cosmetic products and they are also added to shampoos, shaving creams, lubricants and toothpaste because of their bacteriocidal and fungicidal properties.

Paraben-free skincare products are said to be good and safe also for people with sensitive skin because it is believed, based on some accounts of previous users, that paraben, when added to products can cause allergic reactions. It is said to cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis to some people.

Many people become victims of advertising campaigns that say their skincare products are 'hypoallergenic', 'tested allergy free', 'all natural' and 'safe for sensitive skin' especially if popular actors and actresses are used as models. Many people fall for this even up to now because they are probably uninformed or they are misinformed.

If you want to really be safe, believe only those companies that are likely to have used their time and money on testing and research rather than those who spent practically most of their budget on making commercials and paying for models.
It is also best to keep yourself informed so you do not get fooled by nice sounding claims like hypoallergenic skincare or paraben-free skincare. Make your own research to help you decide on the right products to use.

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