Learn About Obesity Risk Factors

If you are currently over weight, you are at risk for developing what is called obesity. Obesity is 
defined as excess body fat. You should learn about obesity risk factors. The following are risk factors for developing obesity:

1. Genetics can affect the way your body stores and distributes fat. This can also affect how your body changes food into energy, as well as how fat is burned during exercise.

2. Obesity tends to run in families. This has more to do than just genetics. Family members share common eating, lifestyle, and activity habits. If one or both parents are obese, this greatly increases the likelihood that children will be obese, as well.

3. Age is a factor in obesity. Obesity can occur at any age, and is particularly problematic for children. But even as we grow older, there are changes in the hormones. Not only that, but activity levels tend to greatly decrease as we age. Muscle mass decreases which decreases metabolism. Therefore, if you do not decrease your calorie intake, you will gain weight. The amount and kinds of foods eaten should change so that less calories are taken in each day.

4. Quitting smoking is always a good idea, but for many people there is weight gain associate with smoking cessation. Since this is a real possibility, you should monitor your weight as part of your plan to quit smoking. You can take steps to reduce calorie intake if gaining weight while quitting smoking becomes a problem.

5. There are also social and economic conditions that can complicate obesity. Perhaps you never learned to prepare healthy foods, or even what nutritious foods are. You may not have the financial resources or means to purchase foods which are good for you. Additionally, if you grew up around family members who were themselves obese, you learned some pretty unhealthy eating habits.

You should learn about obesity risk factors. You may not even realize the influence the above factors have had on you and your eating habits. But it is very important that you find a healthy diet plan to follow. Exercise is also essential if you want to lose weight, but do not overdo it at first. Losing weight is a process, and there will be a learning curve. Look for a good support group to join. The group can learn about obesity risk factors together. Being around others who have the same goals is very helpful. There important thing is to remain positive and realize that you can do it.

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Bob Solley, MSW, MAT
Louisville, Kentucky

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bob_Solley
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